Two days in Queenstown, New Zealand!

  Just a few days ago I went on a quick solo trip over to Queenstown and for someone who is from New Zealand, it is almost a crime that I hadn't been until now (or at least that is what people proceeded to tell me). Being relatively close to the town I would usually… Continue reading Two days in Queenstown, New Zealand!

Hungover and Exploring Rome- Part2

If you haven't already you can catch up on part one here. I awoke the next day with my hangover gone and rearing to go! It was my last official day in Rome before the dreaded 35+ hour venture back home to New Zealand so I wanted to make the most of it! I was completely… Continue reading Hungover and Exploring Rome- Part2

A guide of what NOT to pack!

Through the history of my luggage post I talked about the journey I went through with my travel packs along with the struggles and changes I faced. Throughout that journey I was confronted with many and I mean many of those 'why did I pack this' moments. So after too many overly priced parcels sent back… Continue reading A guide of what NOT to pack!

Home away from home- Bath, England

Home away from home is a new series of mine about my experience living in certain places abroad, stayed tuned for Home away from home-Sydney, Australia.    Just over a year ago I visited Bath on a day trip from Bristol by catching the 10minute train from Bristol Temple Meads Station to Bath Spa Station.… Continue reading Home away from home- Bath, England

Hungover and exploring Rome

  After spending the night partying it up in the hostel bar I was abruptly woken up by someone else's alarm going off first thing in the morning from the bunk across me, perhaps it was a call from the heavens because I woke with a start still half drunk thinking 'shit my tour leaves… Continue reading Hungover and exploring Rome

My Vision Board (How manifesting changed my life)

  For some people, the act of manifesting is a territory far stepped from but for others, its a practice done most often, for some it can be as often as every day. For me, I have been visualizing and manifesting for many years now, ever since my dad recommended I read The Secret by… Continue reading My Vision Board (How manifesting changed my life)

Solo travel as an introvert (and how it changed my life)

When I first set off on my solo endeavours I was stepping completely into the unknown. Being from such a small town I had never met anyone who had travelled solo before and while all my friends were getting ready to start there new life at university, I was getting ready to dive head first… Continue reading Solo travel as an introvert (and how it changed my life)

How Wandering Harter came about (and what’s to come)

I thought it was best to write about the journey of how this space came about and set the scene a little bit for you guys. I also want to enlighten you with my vision for this blog and what to be expected of me. Although it's early days and there is only a small… Continue reading How Wandering Harter came about (and what’s to come)

The moment I decided I wanted to drop everything and travel (a short story)

I sat at my computer at a loss as I read down once again at the piece of paper enclosed in my hand. 'Please explain in few or more sentences why you are passionate about this course.' I retraced the words back over and over in my head, settling on the word 'passionate' when a… Continue reading The moment I decided I wanted to drop everything and travel (a short story)