Home away from home- Bath, England

Home away from home is a new series of mine about my experience living in certain places abroad, stayed tuned for Home away from home-Sydney, Australia.    Just over a year ago I visited Bath on a day trip from Bristol by catching the 10minute train from Bristol Temple Meads Station to Bath Spa Station.… Continue reading Home away from home- Bath, England

My Vision Board (How manifesting changed my life)

  For some people, the act of manifesting is a territory far stepped from but for others, its a practice done most often, for some it can be as often as every day. For me, I have been visualizing and manifesting for many years now, ever since my dad recommended I read The Secret by… Continue reading My Vision Board (How manifesting changed my life)

From Brighton, England to New Brighton, New Zealand

  You most probably have heard of the wonderful seaside city of Brighton on the south coast of England but you may not yet have heard of New Brighton right on the opposite side of the world in New Zealand.  New Brighton is a coastal suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand about 8 kilometers to the east… Continue reading From Brighton, England to New Brighton, New Zealand