Hello, Kia ora, Cześć!

Welcome to this little safe haven of mine that goes by the name of Wandering Harter,

I myself, go by the name Tayla Maree Harter, passed on to me by my two wonderful parents, little did they know how unstoppable this chubby-cheeked baby was going to be when I first popped out of the womb over two decades ago!

For as long as I have been able to jumble together my thoughts I have had this undeniable urge to explore, travel and live out my greatest fantasies. It started with small adventures around my surrounding neighbourhoods in the early stages of my life, to lengthy plane journeys to the opposite side of the world by my late teens.

unnamedI am originally from New Zealand but over the years I have lived in both Australia, England and even in a van along with long-term backpacking around the U.K and Europe. It is a challenge for me to sit still for too long and I can tend to be very hard to pin down, one day I’m working in the fashion department in Sydney to working at an Ice Rink while living in Bath, England!

My current location- Sydney, Australia (be prepared for this to change often).

As the cheesy saying goes “life is an adventure” and I can definitely vouch for that one. There are many adventures to be had and I hope to share small snippets of those here along with some travel tips I’ve picked up throughout my solo endeavours, some potential DNM’s (deep ‘n’ meaningful’s) and maybe even some surprises along the way (mostly surprising to myself cause who knows what my mind will conjure up to write and publish on this site for everyone to read!).

Whether you have stumbled upon my page by accident or dads managed to figure out how to work the interweb and has come to give me moral support (Hi Dad!), or for whatever reason, I welcome you and hope you enjoy having a browse and potentially pick some great tips up along the way or maybe even get inspired by some of the things I have to say! Because that really is one of the main purposes of this blog, to help and inspire you along with having a creative outlet for me to pour my heart and soul into!

If you are interested in reading more about what you can expect from this site plus a bit more of a backstory feel free to read my blog post – How Wanderingharter came about (and what’s to come).

And if you are wanting to get to know me a bit more you can find me on all my social media accounts down below and don’t be shy to send me a message saying hello! I would love to chat with you guys!

-Tayla Maree



Tayla Harter, 21, from New Zealand. Founder of wanderingharter.com, facebook admin for The Solo Female Travel Network and store manager for Tree of Life Bondi. I like to blog about all things Travel, Mental Health, natural remedies and just about anything else that surfaces my mind.

You can find me on –


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