50 facts about me (or maybe more, maybe less)

I know, I know, the once enjoyed 50 facts about me tags are well overdone by now and who wants to read facts about some random aspiring blogger like myself? I get it, just look away now if you must! But hey you can’t blame a girl for wanting to give it a go! The first few weeks of blogging have been one hell of a journey (a great one of course), a journey of smashing out good quality content (or so I try) to fill out my new site. But today I just need to have a blog blob out for a minute!

So here it is my 50 facts…(oh why am I doing this)… about me!!! Around of applause, please…Thank you! Also, bear in mind this is most definitely not going to be 50, I mean that’s a lot of facts, so let’s see how far I get…

  1. My ideal beach weather is a gloomy and misty day, I love it! So dreamy.

  2. Throughout my life, I have had multiple Alice and Wonderland themed re-accruing dreams.

  3. I also suffered from really bad nightmares at a young age and was told to close my eyes and count to three during the dream and then open and I would wake (still works to this day!).

  4. I had purple hair for many years and loved it!

  5. One of my favorite films is The Labyrinth, honestly the best film ever!

  6. Over my twenty years on earth, I have lived in around 15 homes, 7 towns, and 3 countries. 

  7. I have so far traveled to over 15 different countries (mostly in Europe) and I hope to see as musch of the world as I possibly can!

  8. I once performed in Grease for my school musical (fun times).

  9. I love to sing

  10. I love to write

  11. I love coffee

  12. I live on a plant-based diet and have for around four years now. Best decision I ever made!

  13. I am from New Zealand and am so proud to be from this beautiful country.

  14. I am an only child but have one half sister and have had stepsisters in the past.

  15. I had my heart broken into a million pieces when I was young and it hurt like nothing else.

  16. Psychedelics changed my life.

  17. I love animals more than most humans.

  18. I learned to play drums when I was around 12 years old, didn’t stick to it though.

  19. I got suspended from intermediate school for bringing a can of beer onto the premises.

  20. I have had almost every kind of pet you could have when I was younger, I had tadpoles, snails, rabbits, birds, you name it I probably had it!

  21. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the age of 13.

  22. My favorite color is purple.

  23. I have a slight obsession with the 60s, from the summer of love to Woodstock Festival to classic rock, I wish every day I was apart of those times.

  24. My aunties were true hippies during the 60s and they inspire me big time!

  25. I once sang on my dad’s album when I was 8 years old (also known as the most embarrassing thing of my life)

  26. I have a lot of self-esteem issues, but I’m working on it and learning to love myself more and more every day.

  27. My dad lives in a motorhome and I aspire to do the same one day.

  28. I struggle to feel good the next day if I don’t have at least 7 hours sleep.

  29. My favorite food is Pierogi! (Polish dumplings) and any other kind of dumpling (mhhhhmmm).

  30. When I was younger I aspired to be an actor, I would still love to act now but the idea of being famous sounds like hell to me!

  31. One day I want to write my own novel/novels, including a self-help book as those are my favorite to read.

  32. I believe in the art of manifesting and have found it to change my life.

  33. I was in my head a lot as a child and didn’t speak very much, I preferred to live in a fantasy world in my own mind than be in the real world… to be fair that’s still pretty relevant today!

  34. I would love to learn how to DJ one day so I could create my own electronic music.

  35. I have way too much anxiety about the future.

  36. I help run a facebook group of over 150,000 solo female travelers.

  37. When I moved back to New Zealand I was told I had acquired an Australia/British/Kiwi Accent which I sure have faded out now, except for some words that still hold that British twang.

  38. I have a strong fear of the ocean and deep dark waters. (I think its purely the fear of the unknown)

  39. I’m loving my blogging journey so far and can’t believe I didn’t get into sooner when I first wanted two almost a decade ago but I am excited for the journey ahead.

You still here with me? Well congratulations if you did make it this far, I will leave it at that for today, wasn’t too far off the 50 mark but to be fair I couldn’t care less cause this is my blog and I play by my rules, so 39 facts it is!

Comment down below some facts about yourself, I’d love to hear them!

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