My Vision Board (How manifesting changed my life)


For some people, the act of manifesting is a territory far stepped from but for others, its a practice done most often, for some it can be as often as every day. For me, I have been visualizing and manifesting for many years now, ever since my dad recommended I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The idea that I could somehow manifest my dreams into reality most definitely intrigued me.

What is manifesting?

The idea of manifesting is, what you think, you create. So basically (or maybe not so basic) our thoughts create our reality and everything happening in our life is a reflection of whats happening inside of us. A way I began to understand this was by asking myself what kind of day I wanted to have, did I want to have a happy and positive day or a negative one, well obviously everyone (or so I’d assume) would want a positive day. But if that’s what I really wanted I had to think positively, but as soon as I let a negative thought cloud my mind, my perception of the day would start to turn. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of it all but there’s plenty of information online if you were intrigued and wanted to know a bit more.

I know this can tend to be a very taboo subject and can be a lot to grasp, but personally, I found it has worked its magic for me in one way or another on multiple occasions and it has also taught me a lot too.

Ways I choose to manifest is through either,

  • Journal entries
  • visualization meditation
  • vision boards

As I was living abroad I would do a lot of all three, one significant time I remember is when I was living in England and I was working a live-in job that I really struggled with and I was very unhappy, it was only the beginning of my time in England but I felt stuck, I knew this isn’t the life I moved to the other side of the world for. So I closed my eyes and imagined what I did really want out of my time here. I pictured myself living in Bristol in a share-home with like-minded people, the house was lit up by the natural light pouring through the many windows and plants filled the home and art covered the wooden walls. I pictured catching the 10-minute train ride to bath and exploring its beauty and enjoying the quirkiness Bristol has to offer. To cut a long story short and fast track just a few weeks I was on my way to Bristol for a couple days to go to a house viewing and I kid you not it was exactly like the house I had envisioned, it was perfect! And over that week I left my current life behind for the life I had wanted all along.

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.


Now you could just assume it was one wild coincidence or that what I was asking for wasn’t specific enough but I have many more stories like the one above to tell and it no longer surprises me anymore when things like that do happen. Although one thing I did learn through manifesting is that the things you truly want will only come to you when the time is right. I have found that I will manifest a new job opportunity thinking it’s what I want and need, to find it doesn’t happen but then the job I ended staying in was exactly where I needed to be. And I also think that things will only truly manifest if it is in reflection with your highest self. I can spend time scrolling through some girls Instagram and think man I want her life and supposedly then take to my journal but I later realize that’s not what I truly want, it’s not until I look to myself that I see what I truly want out of my life and then that’s when the magic starts to happen (but not straight away of course)

What is on my vision board-

So for a start, if you know me or have been here before, it may not come as much of a surprise but most of my photos are travel based. But it can be different for everyone, some visualize success, wealth, materialistic things, whatever, but for me… It’s travel (well not all, but mostly). Some of those photos include-

  • Locations I want to visit (India, South America, Japan, etc)
  • Books (as an aspiring writer/blogger this was a must)
  • Beaches (I want to always be by the beach)
  • Animals (I want to care, rescue and adopt animals)
  • Festivals (I love a good boogie and there are too many festivals out there I don’t want to miss)
  • Surfboards (I want to learn to surf and get good at it plus face my fear of the ocean)
  • Ukulele (I want to get good on my ukulele and maybe even play alongside my dad one day at one of his gigs)
  • Mulitple photos of vans (because one day I hope to own and live in my own van and travel Australia with it)

…And the list goes on but you get the idea.

Whether or not you believe in Vision boards and manifesting and all things along those lines, I think it is still important to focus on your dreams, we all deserve to live our best lives and sometimes its hard to know really what you want for yourself when we are bombarded with other people flashing there ever-so-perfect (but not really) perfect lives.

I would love to hear what things you would put on your vision board so let me know in the comments!

And I wish you the best life you could possibly have.


-Tayla Harter, Wandering Harter.


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